How it works

  1. Gather and send us all of the necessary paperwork.   
  2. Send us a copy of the application(s) you need Credentialing Solutions to process and complete.
  3. For just $35.00 for each health plan application, your application will  be processed and mailed directly to the health plan. This processing fee applies to existing health plans.
  4. This fee is for recredentialing applications.
  5. You will receive confirmation via email. 
  6. We will also update your CAQH information.
  7. Complete credentialing processes are also available.  Please contact our Account Management Team for more details. 

Health Plan Contracting and Credentialing Service

We have a full contracting package tailored to your medical practice.   Since all health care businesses are unique in scope and modalities, simply call us or request additional information as well a contracting and credentialing quote.

Call today and our Account Managment Team will assist you in getting started!  

We specialize in all applications for all types of providers.

  • ​Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • CAQH
  • NPI
  • Occupational License(s)
  • Medical License Renewal
  • DEA License Renewal