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Seeking New Patients?

Credentialing Your Practice for New Health Plans

Health care is important for everyone. In today's competitive health care industry, maintaining existing patients and recruiting new patients is a daunting task. While some larger health care facilities can afford to spend unlimited resources and revenue in marketing, many smaller facilities operate with a restricted budget. Consequently, in order to stay competitive, nearly all health care facilities implement new strategies to attract new patients.

Smaller facilities are finding a competitive edge in attracting new patients. One such method is medical credentialing. Through medical credentialing, the facility and physicians are required to meet certain criteria. In turn, by meeting all the necessary requirements, health care facilities can attract lucrative health plans, patient referrals and, in some instances, workers compensation companies. Adding new health plans to an existing facility requires medical credentialing, which is usually prepared by experienced credentialing specialists.  Our cost effective method will allow you more time in your business while we take care of all of the credentialing process.